About Us

Our Vision

An Oasis in a sea of concrete. From the minute you pass through the gate you feel like you have transported out of DFW metroplex and into into the country.

Meet the Club Officers

President— Donna Bradley
Vice President— Thom Campbell
Treasurer— Angie Ice
Secretary—Brooke Golwitzer

Directors : Jeff Goforth, Bob Neander, Jeremy Bradley, Thom Campbell,  Mitch Bird, Anne Scales and Chuck Sharp

Grounds/ Roads Committee Chair: Jeremy Bradley

Membership Committee Chair: Bob Neander

Marina Committee Chair: Jeff Goforth

Building Controls Committee Chair: Anne Scales

Budget and Finance Committee Chair: Angie Ice

Activities Committee Chair: Mitch Bird

Clubhouse Committee Chair: Mitch Bird

Cabin/ Property Owners Committee Chair: Thom Campbell

Water Committee Chair: Thomas Campbell

Nominating Committee Chair: Donna Bradley

Little Lake Committee Chair: Larson Leidig

Kitchen Committee Chair: Larson Leidig

Trap Shoot Committee Chair: Chuck Sharp

Security Committee Chair: Nate Ice

Club Amenities & RSVP’s: Anne Scales

Newsletter Editor: Brooke Golwitzer

Northshore Crew: Carlos Amaro – Kitchen Manager, Arnaldo Frias-Chef, Elise O’Brien-Bookkeeper, Jeff Bradley-Facilities

Meeting Minutes and Financials

Use the following link to access meeting minutes and financials on the cloud. Contact Jeremy Bradley at [email protected] for login information.