Hiking, Biking and Fishing

The trails within Northshore are maintained by dedicated volunteers. The trails are each less than a mile long, but a wonderful way to emmerse yourself into the peaceful ambiance of the club. If you are looking for a more challenging trails, Northshore Trail is one of the most popular hiking and biking trails in North Texas and is located just outside the Northshore gate. The trail is over 20 miles long spanning three different parks; Rockledge Park, Twin Coves, and Murrell Park.

Little Lake

Little lake is a private pond located on the North end of High Chaparrall. The pond provides a quiet secluded atmosphere, perfect for teaching youngsters how to fish.

About Us

Our Vision

An Oasis in a sea of concrete. From the minute you pass through the gate you feel like you have transported out of DFW metroplex and into the country.

Meet the Club Officers

President— Mitch Bird
Vice President— Joe Babilon
Treasurer— Nate Ice
Secretary—Brooke Golwitzer

Directors : Kevin Deering,  Bob Neander,  Anne Scales,  Scott Meyer, Stephen Bullard, and Thom Campbell

Grounds/ Roads Committee Chair: Joe Babilon                                                                                                             Committee Members: Thom Campbell, Jeremy Bradley, and Nate Ice

Membership Committee Chair: Bob Neander                                                                                                               Committee Members: Brooke Golwitzer

Boat Slip Committee Chair: Jeremy Bradley                                                                                                                   Committee Members: Jeff Goforth, Scott Mayer, Bob Neander(primary contact), Steven Bullard and Jeff Martin

Building Controls Committee Chair: Brooke Golwitzer                                                                                            Committee Members: Anne Scales, Thom Campbell, and Jeremy Bradley

Budget and Finance Committee Chair: Nate Ice                                                                                                         Committee Members: Kevin Deering, Thom Campbell, and Jeremy Bradley

Activities Committee Chair: Brooke Golwitzer                                                                                                           Committee Members: Jocelyn Babilon, Mitch Bird, Ellen Bradley, and Shannon Yost   (Newsletter)

Clubhouse Committee Chair: Mitch Bird                                                                                                                         Committee Members: Cindy Neander

Cabin/ Property Owners Committee Chair: Thom Campbell                                                                              Committee Members: Anne Scales, Mitch Bird, Bob Neander, and Kevin Deering

Water Committee Chair: Thomas Campbell                                                                                                                Committee Members: Open positions

Nominating Committee Chair: Donna Bradley                                                                                                           Committee Members: Brooke Golwitzer, Nate Ice and Thom Campbell

Little Lake Committee Chair: Jeremy Bradley                                                                                                           Committee Members: Open positions

Kitchen Committee Chair: Donna Bradley                                                                                                                   Committee Members: Jocelyn Babilon

Shooting Activities Committee Chair: Joe Babilon                                                                                                 Committee Members: David Walker, David Kinzer, Jeremy Bradley, Eddie Trinidad, Jeff Martin and Joe Ellen Collin

Security Committee Chair: Nate Ice                                                                                                                               Committee Members: Jeremy Bradley

Club Amenities & RSVP’s: Anne Scales                                                                                                                         Committee Members: Donna Bradley

Northshore Crew: MaryLou Rehmus – Kitchen Manager, Liz Davis – Chef,  Elise O’Brien -Bookkeeper, Jeff Bradley-Facilities

Meeting Minutes and Financials

Use the following link to access meeting minutes and financials on the cloud. Contact Jeremy Bradley at [email protected] for login information.



Helpful Hints for New Members

Please note all board meetings are held at the club house on the fourth Thursday of every month and start at 7pm sharp. All members are welcome to attend. Northshore Club is operated strictly by volunteers and we are always looking for more people to help out on various committees. Please reach out to us via the contact page if you would like to participate.

The clubhouse is also available to rent out for private events to current members in good standing. Please fill out the club house reservation contract and e-mail it to Anne Scales [email protected]. Must also submit a $25 deposit to Anne before the clubhouse is secured for your event date. You cannot reserve the club house over any holiday weekends and the pool cannot be reserved at all.

Club House Reservation Contract

If you have any additional questions please use the contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Current members: Please use this page to update your contact information (address, phone number and email) to ensure you receive updates and notifications.